Architectural visualization of an elementary school in Bordeaux, France

After several months waiting for the jury’s decision, today we can already publish the 3D architectural rendering that we did for the architectural competition of an elementary school in Bordeaux, France.

The architectural firm RCR Artotec, composed by the association of the offices RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes and Artotec, contacted us requesting three architectural visualization for its proposal for a new elementary school in Bordeaux.

The architectural visualization should show the main ideas in which the proposal was based. On the one hand, the building sought to relate with its surroundings and particularly with the large park which is located in front of it, entering inside the school and wrapping it.

Furthermore, the aerial visualization wanted to emphasize the shape of nest that the building has. A nest which welcomes and protects the children. A spiral shape representing gestures intended to embrace and shelter to the learning and play.

The commission included three architectural renderings, an aerial views, an exterior rendering that show the access to the building and an interior rendering of the main courtyard of the school.

Once modelled the 3D of the building we carried out several tests to find the frames that best fit what the client was looking for.

Being an elementary school it was decided to produce the architectural visualization with daylight and in a sunny day. In this way, the building could show the play of reflections and transparencies that provide the materials used in the facade.

Selected the points of view we proceed to liven up the scenes. On the one hand, we had the vegetation both in 3D or in post production. On the other hand, we placed people who gave life to the building.

The collaboration with the firm RCR Artotec not finished here and we hope to publish shortly the last architectural visualization that we did with them.

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