Architecture video Bolnou residential

Architecture videos are one of the most effective tool of this past year. Increasingly, clients are trusting us to develop videos of their housing developments.

After making the architecture video of Sa Puntassa, a new development of homes in Mallorca, the Rover Alcisa developer contacted us to make a new video.

This time, the housing development is located in Alicante and will be known as Bolnou residential. In addition to the architecture video, added a few fixed renderings that completed the set.

It consists of 45 terraced apartments located facing the Mediterranean Sea. A residential complex on the Costa Blanca that stands out for its magnificent sea views from each of its rooms.

The first step was to make a storyboard. In this way, we can see how the architecture video will look before starting 3D modeling. The storyboard helps us to define the structure of the video, the main sequences, the scope to model, the rhythm and any other essential that should be reflected from the beginning.

Besides the 3D virtual animation itself, we took several shots in situ of the most recognizable locations in the vicinity of the development. This footage is used to show the closeness to the sea, the beach, the village, the golf course, etc. and connect immediately with the viewer.

Another important aspect is the choice of music. We searched for a music with voice to accompany the images. In this case, a melody with lyrics gave more life and contributed to give the desired rhythm to the video.

We perform several sequences combining detailed framing with general views of each of the spaces. Once rendered, we assembled the scenes following the indications of the storyboard. Finally, several effects were included in post production which provide more realism to the video architecture.

We are preparing new images that complete the set. We hope to publish them soon, we will keep you informed.

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