Architecture video Sa Puntassa homes, Mallorca

Architecture videos have become the perfect marketing tool to attract the attention of the prospective buyers. The increasingly common use of social media makes that demand for this format has been extended.

This kind of architecture videos has evolved considerably in recent years. These videos are able, through the 3D renderings and the music, to attract the audience and accelerate the buying decisions.

Real estate companies bet, increasingly, for this format. The video has become a tool to be included in the actions of marketing campaigns. Since a small initial investment can have a great return.

After months working on this project, at last, we can publish a video of 3D architecture of a new housing development in Mallorca which will be known as Sa Puntassa. A new residential complex designed, mainly, to second homes.

As a starting point, we developed a small storyboard that indicates the pace and the content that should appear in the video. This storyboard is the guiding document that will mark the progress of the work.

The video aims to the sale of the houses that make up the residential development. The story takes place on a day of some of the residents of the complex. The video includes the 3D animation itself combined with real footage that provides proximity to the future buyer.

We perform several sequences combining settings in detail with overviews of each of the spaces. Once rendered scenes, we assemble a model following the indications of the storyboard.

With the video rendered in high-resolution, we move on the post-production phase. Different effects were applied in order to achieve a more realistic effect. Finally, we look for music that evokes the style of development and at the same time set the pace we were looking for.

We hope you like the result, and we share your comments.

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