Architecture visualization of an extension of the Doha Oasis

Some time ago we produced these 3D architecture visualization for the Doha Oasis project that is currently under construction in Qatar. Specifically our client wanted to add a proposal to the Doha Oasis project which is under construction.

It is a mixed-use project of 470,000 m2 which comprises a 30-storey tower, a 6-storey basement that includes mall, parking and theme park, and a 6-storey residential building around an elliptical interior Park.

The theme park is located on basement floor and it will have different attractions being the roller coaster the main one. The client wanted to add two towers in the elliptical garden that would be ups and downs of the roller coaster. In this way, the coaster ride will be developed through the interior of the basement with the exception of the two climbs that will remain in the exterior.

The 3D architecture visualization should focus on show these two towers that are composed of a metallic structure and a glass enclosure. The structures are covered by vegetation with the exception of the top remaining free to emphasize the feeling of the roller coaster

The architectural firm BAD [Built by Associative Data] carried out the design of the tower an extension of the initial project designed by Nabil Gholam architects who had available the 3D model. We fixed the 3D model received in which the dwellings of the elliptical garden appeared. Once fixed the model we proceed to model the two towers and apply them the appropriate.

The client wanted the same architecture visualization in two different moods, one with daylight and another one with a night mood. Thus the architecture visualization, the client will see the impact of the tower’s illumination on the whole complex.

We leave you a link of the website of the building company that is developing the project in which you will find one of our architecture visualization together with photographs of the construction process.

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