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Services: Naming, Branding, Rendering

A new real estate marketing project appeared in our hands. We are passionate about the world of real estate branding, offering a wide range of possibilities with which to transmit and put into value many of the particularities of the project.

Besides working on naming and branding, for this project, we also developed a complete package of renders that included exterior spaces, interiors and detailed images.

Through branding, the developments are transformed into exclusive homes. It is possible to give personality and character to something that was previously banal. The outstanding aspects of the project reach another level.

A house to be renovated in the centre of Sóller is Berrow’s new project. A real estate developer who treats each of its projects with delicate detail. Based in Mallorca, Berrow seeks to rescue and preserve the island’s heritage. Each of its projects seeks to preserve its essence by adapting it to current amenities.

Not only is the interior important in this house, but the whole surrounding exterior landscape plays a very significant role. An orchard full of Sóller’s prized oranges is the cherry on top of this project. Added to this is the idyllic location in Sóller, a small town in the Tramuntana mountain range, declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

This is how Canoneta was born, a name with roots in this Mallorcan land. The Canoneta orange is the best known native variety of Sóller. This naming gives value to the orchard of the house and links it directly to the island of Mallorca.

For the development of the renderings, we chose to show the most outstanding spaces. Renders representing complete spaces were combined with detailed renderings that conveyed the warmth, closeness and detail that Berrow dedicates to each of his projects.

We hope you like them as much as we enjoyed developing this project.

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