Branding Villa Patricia Formentera

We ran an entire marketing campaign for a villa in Formentera, Villa Patricia. We included branding, brand strategy, a brochure, the website and, of course, the renderings and video.

We developed the identity of the villa focusing on highlighting the villa’s location in Formentera. A small island in the Mediterranean that must be reached from another island. Formentera is an island with a vibrant heritage that shows total respect for the territory, the landscape and the conservation of the environment.

We created a set of renderings to explain the exterior and interior areas of the villa. The renderings show the dimensions of the spaces, the materials, the coverings and all the details that are difficult to understand in architectural plans. We seek to show the connection with the exterior and how the architectural design aims to merge with the island.

Once the renderings were finished, we started working on the video of the villa. The music was a key factor in achieving the mood we were looking for. A catchy melody with summery lyrics that transports us to the summer atmosphere of the island. We used clips of the 3D scenes created combined with real footage of the island.

The brochure tells the story of the future buyer’s new life as he becomes an islander. The essence of the villa and, of course, of the island permeates. The brochure includes the renderings created, always linked to the story presented. The graphic design seeks, mainly, to prioritise the renderings. Therefore they are adjusted to the design without cuts that detract from the renderings.

With all the material ready, we developed the website. The idea was to transfer the content of the brochure to the website. As in the brochure, we take care of the proportions of each rendering so that they are not cropped, and everything fits well together. The video is also part of the website content, executing the necessary adaptations.

Here is a link to the website where you will find all the generated content, both the video and the renderings.

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