Casa Ropit renderings

These are our new renderings for Casa Ropit, an exclusive property in Mallorca. We created a complete set of visualisations to be used as marketing content.

Off-plan sales need to be supported by good graphic material to attract potential clients. Through renderings, it is easy to get a clear idea of what the house will look like. Renderings also help locate the house on the plot and have an overall idea of the size of the house and its interior spaces.

Bedane Balear trusted our team to create these renderings. The project is designed by the BAAS architecture studio, lead by Jordi Badia and winner of several prestigious architectural awards.

The project seeks to adapt the architectural design to the environment. A sloping roof takes the same slope of the mountain and creates a porch that presides over the garden. A large garden with a swimming pool and unbeatable unobstructed views over the Balearic island.

In addition to the architectural design, the firm BAAS architecture was also responsible for the interior design of the different spaces. They selected the villa materials respecting the traditional architecture of the area: stone walls, wooden doors and windows and a sloping roof of Arabic tiles. BAAS arquitectura also worked on the furniture, selecting pieces from the great classics that never go out of fashion.

To develop the images, we modelled the villa and applied the selected materials. We placed the cameras and set the most attractive points of view to show the house. Once we defined the viewpoints, we worked on the lighting of the scenes.

We combined day, sunset and night settings in a set of renders. We sought to show the villa with the Mediterranean light so characteristic of Mallorca. An attraction that is hard to beat as a selling point.

If you are interested in Casa Ropit, please contact us!

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