Concept design and visualizations housing building in Cairo, Egypt

One of the main concerns of real estate developers lies in getting the sell of every home of the every new housing development.

To this end, it is essential to have striking and attractive architectural visualizations that will persuade the potential buyers of the advantages offered by the project.

On this occasion, the developer, in addition to the requested architectural visualizations, also commissioned us the design of the residential buildings and to develop the urban planning of the surroundings of the residential complex.

This time, the commission is for a new design to create a new type of future housing. The design responds to an update of the typology of the existing housing stock that reflects the current lifestyle and new trends.

The design of this prototype must be replicated and could be easily adapted to all the plots that the client have in the surrounding of the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

The design of the façades of the buildings had to steer clear of the architecture used in the capital during the past few years and move closer toward an European-style using hand bricks and different colours in the façades.

The project should include five types of housing to solve the whole building, three types of duplex and two types of apartments.

It is a commission that included design and images, as we went in we were developing the 3D model design. This work flow allow us to making decisions quickly and at the same time allowed us to have good communication with the client.

Once the client approved the design phase, we focus on the production of the architectural visualizations of the residential complex. We proposed three views that explained the project and showed the attractiveness of the project.

The client was very satisfied with the work performed and commissioned new projects in which we are working and we hope to publish soon.

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