Design & architectural visualisation Lemon Tree

We share a new set of architectural visualisations of a new urban development in Hurghada, Egypt. This time, in addition to the renderings, in Berga & Gonzalez architects we were in charge of the architectural design of all the residential complex which will be known as Lemon Tree.

It is usual, in the real estate sector, seek investors in order to carry out a business idea. Through powerful and attractive visualisations, it is possible to convince them of the benefits of the project in question.

From Berga & Gonzalez, we take care of everything you need to communicate your idea in a effective and convincing way. Our background as architects along with our experience in the development of images make us a safe bet.

On this occasion. the client seeks investors to develop a new development comprised of 24 homes in the region of Hurghada, Egypt. A holiday development for the European public looking for sun and relaxation in the area.

After checking the urban regulations, the parameters to consider the project were established. This together with the requirements of the client constituted the bases to start projecting the residential complex.

On the one hand, one of the fundamental factors was to provide some privacy to the dwellings because it is a very important value on the marketing sales. On the other hand, all the homes should have their own swimming pool.

Once approved the architectural design we star to define the interior spaces. We looked for the best points of views to obtain attractive architectural visualisations. With the help of reference images we find the style sought.

A daytime lighting along with a cloudless sky helped to convey the feeling of calm and relaxation. With the architectural visualisations in high definition began the phase of post production in which they finished adjusting the lighting, colors and small details.

We are preparing new projects in Egypt that we hope to share soon. Stay tuned!

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