Design and visualizations of a Masterplan in Egypt

We are excited to share one of our last and more extensive project. In this occasion, we were in charge of developing the design of a masterplan of a land of about 300,000 m2 on the shores of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Usually, clients want to find investors to carry out their architectural projects. The possibilities of the future project can be shown through a clear and concise documentation. Having this documentation also allows clients to sell the full project to the developers interested in it.

The masterplan is located in Sahl Hasheesh on the Red Sea and is divided in five large areas: the commercial one, the townhouses area, the residential tophill area, the lagoon and finally the hotel area.

The masterplan design seeks to have sea views from as many homes as possible. Its prime location makes possible the use of these vacation homes throughout the year. The masterplan bets on modern and minimalist design that cater to a practical and functional lifestyle.

Once the design phase was approved by the client, we proceeded to the production of the final architectural visualizations. During the whole process of design of the masterplan we did some working visualizations, which were very useful and facilitated the decision.

A total of eleven architectural visualizations of the masterplan were done. These served both to have a general view of the entire development explaining its proximity to the sea and to present more in detail the design of some of the houses.

The commissioned was completed with the design of the corporate brochure of the masterplan. This dossier will be the final document that will be delivered to investors and that will explain the details of the new development.

This project has been a challenge for our team and has been a great success for our client. We hope to publish soon new projects in which we are working on.

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