Interior architectural visualisation of homes in El Gouna

After carrying out the design and the architectural visualisation of these apartments in El Gouna, the client contacted us again requesting some interior images for this housing development.

The houses are located in El Gouna, one of the resorts on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. The homes will be use as a second residence so the decor should go according to this use with a casual style while keeping neutral tones.

The Commission included three interior architectural visualisation, a rendering of the living room and two images of the bathrooms of the home.

To obtain some striking images, it is necessary that the atmosphere of the architectural renderings invites you to enjoy the spaces. Furniture, decoration, textiles and other help to achieve this desired environment and help the end user ,usually alien to the architectural world, to get an idea of the real dimensions of the space.

Besides the architectural visualisation, this time we were in charge of the interior design to aim some cozy spaces to persuade the future buyers of the benefits of the home.

To find the style that the client was looking for we sought reference images. By using these reference images we can have an style guide that orientates us on decor style, colors, lighting, atmosphere, etc.

After modelling the space and having clear what kind of interior design to apply, several tests were performed to select the most attractive points of view. For the living rendering we chose a view in foreshortening that showed the garden of the home. While for the rendering of the bathroom we opted to front views.

The client was very satisfied with the work and we required more visualisations of a new real estate development which we hope to publish soon.

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