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We created an entire property marketing campaign for the new Benalús residential complex. The campaign included architectural renderings, video, an updated rebranding, a commercial brochure, and the website.

Rendering video benalus
The developer detected the need to relaunch its brand. They were looking to readjust it to the demands of their clients and the standard luxury of Marbella’s Golden Mile. The typography was redefined, combining simplicity and elegance, deleting everything superfluous to focus and highlight the essential.

We created a new set of architectural renderings coherent with the brand identity we wanted to achieve. General and detail frames with a careful selection of furniture in which every corner transmits the Benalús style.

The Benalús residential complex is located in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile. A location that should be highlighted as a key point of the development. Another important point is its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and its association with calm and relaxation. Benalús is one of the only new developments, right on the Golden Mile and on the second line of the sea.

In addition to the renderings, we created a video from the spaces already developed. We showed all the facilities available in the residential complex; gardens, spa, gym, swimming pool and chill-out areas. All the necessary facilities to take care of yourself and feel good. A calm video with music to accompany all the scenes created.

With the renders and the video created, we put together the commercial brochure and the website. We wanted to live experiences in well-cared spaces. All the content had to reflect the Benalús style. For the website, we looked for a functional design that would make it easy for those interested to navigate and show all the content created with the minimum adjustments.

We leave you a link to the Benalús Golden Mile residences website, where you will also find the created content for the property marketing campaign: commercial dossier, the video, and the architectural renderings.

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