Property marketing Casa Mares

Casa Marés is our latest real estate marketing project. We developed a package including branding of the development, brochure, commercial plans and visualisations.

With the help of Berrow Projects, we entered into this new refurbishment project in Sóller, Mallorca. Following the path of previous projects, we looked for a naming following the identity created.

Casa Marés, a Belle epoque townhouse. This is the naming chosen. It seeks to link the current house with its French past. A modernist period that continues to mark the style of many of the houses in Sóller. A past from a glorious era that can be breathed throughout the house.

The branding of the property developments manages to offer a differentiating aspect over the competition. Through it, a story is created that seduces the interested party. It is no longer just a matter of highlighting the characteristics of the development, but also of creating additional content. It is an added value on which the commercial discourse is based.

Casa Marés is a refurbished property in the centre of Sóller. The 250m2 offer the maximum features of a luxury home. The Berrow seal is also visible in each of the spaces, in which every detail is handcrafted care.

To develop the images, we selected the spaces we wanted to show. Secondly, we positioned the cameras to achieve the best framing. One of the most important aspects was to provide daylight for the images. Mediterranean lighting, so characteristic of the Balearic island.

The setting was also done according to the marketing strategy. All the props evoke the Parisian Belle Epoque and the past of the house. It is reflected in the floors, wallpaper, paintings and in the selected furniture.

We leave you the link to the Berrow Projects website where you will find some of our images and the brochure of this fantastic Casa Marés.

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