Property marketing Casas del Ficus

Sita Mallorca entrusted us with developing the branding for their new property development on the Balearic island. The work included creating a naming for the development and a complete package of visualisations to visualise the different spaces of the project.

The architectural design encompasses three independent semi-detached houses. Each of the homes has an interior courtyard that brings light into the three homes.

From this singular and characteristic piece, we began to develop a discourse to find a good naming. We looked for an alternative use for this courtyard that would link it to life in the house. We imagined a place to plant a tree that would grow with the owners and become the centre of the house.

In addition, the project is located in the centre of Sóller, and in the Sierra de Tramuntana, an enclave declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A particularity with which the aim is to link the nature of the landscape to the project.

This is how Casas del Ficus came about. A name that will house the three dwellings: Casa Lyrata, Casa Benjamina and Casa Carica. Three types of ficus for three independent homes.

From this naming, we started to work on the visualisations. The visualisations are linked with the branding discourse and reflect the importance of plants in this project. Thus, each of the spaces we worked on includes plants that bring freshness and introduce, in some way, nature into the house.

Concerning the materials, we chose to use those characteristics of traditional architecture: stone walls, roof tiles, wooden carpentry and warm, indigenous materials.

The exterior spaces also acquire great importance in this project. They are the nexus of connection with the landscape that surrounds the development.

We leave you a link to the Casas del Ficus website, where you will find all the information about the development as well as the complete set of visualisations.

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