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The Olive Mill house is one of those projects that leave a mark. We created a complete marketing campaign, from architecture and conceptual interior design to branding, editorial design and, of course, renderings.

After several years for sale, and after working together with Berrow Projects, it was sold in just four weeks.

It is an idyllic villa in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. The Serra de Tramuntana is a paradise, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A unique enclave with unbeatable views over the port of Sóller, also known as the golden valley. A balcony from which to enjoy the blue Mediterranean in all its splendour.

The villa dates back to the 16th century, and work was carried out to update the architecture of the interior spaces. It went from small, compartmentalised rooms to large areas in which to enjoy family and friends. We opened big windows to improve the connection with the outside area. An updated architecture, but preserving the original charm of the villa.

The renderings reflect the architectural and interior design of our proposal. The spaciousness of the spaces and the careful interior design manage to completely transform the traditional finca.

In parallel to the renderings, we worked on the branding of the villa. The Olive mill house is the naming we created. We decided to keep the name and go deeper into the 8 hectares of millenary olive trees that the estate has. A passionate story about the importance of the experiences between the different generations of a family and how the olive trees endure generation after generation.

We worked on the typography and the icon in harmony with the other works of Berrow Projects. The idea was to achieve harmony with all their projects. To deliver the material to interested clients, we created a brochure. An elegant large-format material to show plans and renderings of the proposal.

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