Real Estate Marketing. Mas del Vidrier

Highlighting your real estate development over the competition is the goal of many of our clients. It is an arduous task in a sector in which new homes are continually appearing. The aim is to provide the project with a certain charisma that will attract the attention of the target audience.

Relevant content is needed to provide added and differential value. It is surprising how a coherent and tasteful material instantly captures the attention of potential customers.

Mas del Vidrier is a new residential project located in the charismatic Gracia district in the centre of Barcelona. It is a building with 15 apartments, parking and storage rooms.

In addition to the visualizations of the project, the commission included the creation of the graphic and visual identity of the new development. It included naming, logo, billboard, stationery suite and floor plans. We were looking for a fresh and innovative brand identity that would offer personality and make it unique and distinguishable from its competitors.

The naming of the new Mas del Vidrier derives from its history. An old Mas, a Catalan manor house, was located on this plot. Preserving part of the history of the place creates a link. It arouses emotions with which the future owner can connect.

An important point of the assignment was to develop the visualizations of the most outstanding spaces. Calm and modern environments that transmit the calm of the home. The visualizations allow the user to understand how the spaces will be. They imagine themselves living in that space and wanting it to be their home.

All the projects have a hero shot that represents them. It is a striking image in which the building is clearly identified. In this project, besides accompanying the promotional poster, it served to establish the corporate colors of the promotion.

A complete material, thought to the last detail, to achieve perfect marketing of the houses.

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