Rendering hotel Gensler

Hotels and accommodations undergo constant renewal. Maintaining an up-to-date appearance is essential to retain customers or be the most attractive option among a large number of hotels available.

A good decoration manages to give life to the spaces. It makes them cosy places ready to receive guests. A project in which is thought to the last detail.

After the 3D renderings of an office building in Chicago, the Gensler architectural firm returned to us.

Gensler is working on a new project. This time, at a new hotel renovation in California. From the San Francisco Office, they are developing the interior design of this luxury hotel in California.

The team of designers and architects defined the entire interior design of the spaces very carefully. They wanted a few rendering of the hotel that shows a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can feel at home.

After presenting several proposals from different points of view, the architects selected the frames that best fit what they were looking for. In this way, they could show their ideas to the client in a visual way. With an image, render, the sought to get the approval of the clients.

Lighting was one of the strong points for developing the architectural renderings. They should reflect a space with warm light that guests feel at home.

Placed the furniture, we started the ambience of the rooms. Small details which to give life to the spaces and bring them closer to the guests.

The renderings will be published on different hotel platforms to publicise the result before starting the renovation works. Thus getting the room reservation without having to wait for the final photograph.

We are working on new projects designed by Gensler. Soon we will post these renderings on our website.

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