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Services: Renderings, Interior Design

Interior design is fundamental to achieving quality images. They manage to give warmth to the spaces and transform them into the dreamed-of place to live. In this work, we are in charge of developing the interior design of the areas shown in the renders.

Besides good interior design, it is also very important to have a good architectural project. On this project, we lay the foundations to be able to work. Marcio Kogan, a world-renowned architect, is the author of this impressive villa.

Marcio Kogan is the founder of the Mk27 studio based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He is considered one of the most important contemporary architects who has achieved great international recognition. Their simplicity and architectural details characterize his works. Brutalist volumes combined with traditional divisions, screens and lattices.

The Caledonian developer is promoting a new project in which Marcio Kogan is collaborating as an architect. A design that combines a marked concrete structure with wooden lattices as an enclosure. Two raw materials that give life to the house.

The commission consisted of creating a set of renderings for the marketing of the house. In this way, even before its construction, it is feasible to start the sales process. The renders make it easier to understand each of the spaces, achieving a global image of the architectural project.

An essential factor for the development of the renders was to define the lighting. The play of light that is created through the blinds has a remarkable role in the villa. A game of lights and shadows that gives this villa a lively look.

Another key aspect was the setting of the scenes. The selection of furniture, textiles, lighting managed to transmit the intention of the architect in designing it. A selection of sober furniture that allows enjoying even more this magnificent architecture.

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