Rendering Palmares, RCR arquitectes

There are projects that by their uniqueness and beauty mark their mark. Creative projects and thought out to the smallest detail. All care with care and dedication to obtain a spectacular architecture.

Such are the projects of RCR arquitectes, deserved winners of the Pritzker Prize of 2017. An award considered the highest distinction in the world of architecture.

After a while in the drawer, today we can publish the renderings we made of one of his latest projects. The architecture studio RCR arquitectes is immersed in the development of new villas and a clubhouse in the Algarve, Portugal.

The new resort will be known as Palmares, Ocean living and Golf. A privileged location, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and next to the Alvor estuary. An amazing landscape in which the colours of nature play a leading role. The complex will include villas, apartments, a clubhouse, a hotel and a golf course.

The proposal presented by RCR arquitectes seeks to create new villas that adapt to the current natural landscape. A cutting-edge design that seeks to create a sustainable architecture. Stresses the sensitivity in the use of materials, textures and earthy colours that evoke the essence of the place.

To develop the architectural renderings of this project, we work closely with the team of architects. From small sketches began to appear the lines of work to follow.

Defining the spaces to show in each rendering helped to decide the most suggestive points of view. A prerequisite, show the magnificent views that can be seen from each of the corners of the resort.

With the points of view selected, we continue to develop the renderings. Getting to capture the texture and colour sought was one of the most exciting aspects of the project.

We hope you like them as much as we enjoy making these architectural renderings.

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