Rendering prefab building, Cathedral City

Increasingly, architects are concentrating on prefab structures for their architecture designs. A multitude of advantages makes this kind of system attractive. In particular, the speed in the assembly that, in addition to its efficiency supposes a significant saving of the costs.

On the other hand, prefab systems stand out due to their ecological contribution. Minimise waste generated in the work itself, mostly, they are dry and not processing assemblies.

The prefab housing company Cleverhomes is looking for new investors for the project, which is developing in Cathedral City, Los Angeles. It is a new complex of mixed-use buildings that will include housing, retails and a hotel. To do this, he needed attractive renderings to captivate prospective investors.

The assignment included support in the design phase and four renderings of the architectural proposal. This collaboration allows several tests both in the architectural design of the buildings themselves and the landscaping of the exterior spaces of the project. With the work renderings we developed the design, the changes are clearly seen, and it is easier to make correct decisions.

Once the client approved the architecture design, we defined the volumes, as well as lifting all the buildings in a 3D model. We made several renderings tests to select the viewpoints that best represented the project.

After choosing the viewpoints, we worked on the details of each rendering. The architecture renderings served as the basis of work on which we carried out the project tests. It modifies gap, colours, carpentry, volumes, landscaping, etc.

Worked the lighting, daytime and evening, we launched the renders in high definition. Once approved, we turn to the post-production phase. In this phase, we add characters and eventually adjust the tones of the rendering.

Here is the link to the Cleverhomes website, where you will find more information about the project.

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