Rendering Tysons Central

Services: Architectural visualizations

The imminent commercialization of the new Tysons Central required shocking images that would captivate the viewer. Our work consisted of generating visualizations that reflected the final design of the building, making it easier for future users to understand the project.

The renders integrate the building into the real environment. With them you can appreciate its geometry and its implementation on the ground. It clarifies which are the selected materials and the effect they will offer on the finished building. A global image of what it will look like once it is built is achieved.

Tysons Central will become the new office tower of the great Tysons redevelopment. Located in a vibrant neighborhood in Northern Virginia’s most desirable location. An iconic design just 30 minutes from downtown Washington DC.

The Tysons Central designed by Gensler architecture firm consists of more than 36,000m2 built. A tower that will combine residential, office and commercial use. A design that offers users flexibility, efficiency and outdoor space.

Gensler is a leading global architecture firm. Its projects are developed from the USA to Australia, Europe and Asia. A wide range of offices distributed throughout the geography that allow the development of all kinds of projects.

The marketing of the Tysons Central tower will be carried out via web. A website that will show exclusively the Tysons Central and all the particularities that the project offers. In it you will find some of our visualizations that we produce.

For the development of the visualizations, after creating the 3D model we work on the frames. Some of them were predefined by the client since they had to reflect some unique characteristics of the building. While other frames were made by us.

Another important part was the setting of the visualizations. Different illuminations that managed to offer a global image of the building. Finally, characters were included in the different scenes that provided a scale to the building. A work with attention to detail that satisfied the demands of the client.

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