Render & video holiday homes Cornwall

We created some renderings and a video for the new Luxury Lodges holiday home complex in Cornwall, UK.

We created several renderings and a video capturing the project to be built. The project includes several housing proposals, each with different sizes and programmes. The rendering aims to reflect the project reliably so the buyer can get an accurate idea of how the future construction will be implemented.

Burn Coastal Retreat is located in the coastal town of Bude in the south of the country. It is a holiday destination with great sandy beaches, surfing spots and excellent natural landscapes to enjoy.

At the same time as we were creating the renderings, we developed the landscaping as we wanted it to take centre stage. The artificial lagoon is placed in the centre of the complex, increasing the contact with nature of each of the houses. The access paths and the vegetation of the houses provide a certain everyday life and bring the future buyer closer to their future home.

We created aerial views to capture the architectural proposal and show the proximity to the coast. This gives an idea of how the complex will be implanted on the plot and the impact on the surroundings. On the other hand, we also produce street views to have an image closer to the future buyer. The idea is to make the desire to live here appear.

After delivering the renderings, we develop a video. Nowadays, it is essential to have quality marketing material with which to connect with the potential buyer. Videos are the perfect tool to capture the attention of potential clients.

We work on several aspects, such as lighting and music. In the case of the video, the music was a very relevant aspect to get the maximum attention of the prospective buyers.

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