Renderings Lisbon

We are back in Lisbon. A charming city full of treasures to discover and recover. The immense architectural heritage makes it the ideal place for real estate investment.

The architect Joao Tiago Aguiar is in charge of designing this great project. The rehabilitation of a new residential building in the Lusitanian city. As usual in his works, he performs a detailed and careful work in which he perfectly combines architecture with lighting and interior design.

The commission included making the commercial renderings of this refurbishment. The most prominent areas of the project were represented. The renders will be included in the marketing material of the promotion.

With realistic renderings, it is possible to advance the commercialization of real estate development. Exterior and interior renderings with which to visualize the result of the houses once its construction is finished.

Once the exteriors and interiors were modelled, we placed the cameras to find the best frames. Stunning viewpoints to attract potential buyers.

We selected exclusive furniture and luminaires to set the rooms. It was desired to convey an image of elegance and sophistication in each of the raised architectural renderings.

In all of Joao Tiago Aguiar’s projects, lighting plays a leading role. Thus how it had to be reflected in the renders. In addition to the lighting of the architectural proposal, different natural illuminations were tested. The client selected daytime lighting to bring warmth to the spaces.

Once the viewpoints the furniture and lighting were accepted, we launched the renderings in high resolution. From here, we moved into the post-production phase.

In this phase, we retouch colours, saturations and adjust small details to achieve very realistic renderings. In this case, we do not include characters as we were looking for renders close to architecture photography in which it is usual not to appear characters.

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