Renderings and Video Ciudad Jardín

These are the renderings and the video we made for Ciudad Jardín, a new residential complex in Donostia.

The renderings will be used for the marketing of the houses before their construction. These images give us a clear idea of how the homes will look once built, without the need to imagine it only from plans.

The renderings show all the finishes, materials, sanitary ware, the dimensions of the different spaces and an endless number of details that allow you to visualize your future home easily.

It is a very effective sales tool that helps advance potential buyers’ purchase decisions.

In addition to the fixed renderings, we made a video of the entire new residential area. It helps us to locate the development and to have a general image of what the exterior space, the common areas and the homes will look like.

The development will be carried out in two phases. A first phase of ten homes and a second phase of seventy homes. The common areas of the new development stand out, such as the swimming pools and solariums on the roof floor, the txoko and the gymnasium, and the personalization options offered by the developer. Ciudad Jardín will be a residential area surrounded by greenery next to the Urumea River. A quiet residential environment with green areas.

The renderings and the video sought to visualize, on the one hand, the exterior areas and on the other, the key interior spaces. For the exterior spaces, we wanted to show all the green area that will be generated to achieve a more friendly green environment. For the interior spaces, we chose to show key spaces such as the kitchen-rooms, bedrooms, balconies, terraces and all the common areas as they are very interesting from a commercial point of view.

After modelling the different buildings and applying the corresponding materials, we placed the cameras to find attractive frames for the renderings. At the same time, we tested different illuminations following the references provided by the client. With the finished renders, we started working on the video.

We leave you a link to the residential websiteCiudad Jardinwhere you can find the video and all the renderings.

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