Video architecture Bom Sucesso

Again, in Lisbon. A cosmopolitan city with an incredible historical heritage. Walking through its streets is a luxury. Magnificent buildings that are returning their wealth are hiding in each of its corners.

The rehabilitation of these buildings restores the splendour it had years ago. The city returns to enjoy its enormous cultural heritage. The architecture renderings help to understand the project and visualise the final image.

On this occasion, the commission included a few still renderings and an architectural video of a new housing development in the District of Belém, in Lisbon. In the past, we had created renderings of another building in Lisbon. This time, it is 47 houses divided into 3 buildings, many with views over the Tagus River and the famous Tower of Belen.

A majestic old mill transformed into high quality, both interior and exterior spaces. Some homes designed to the smallest detail which seeks the maximum comfort for the user.

Once developed the still renderings, we developed the promotional video. In this video of architecture should not miss references to the environment of the development: the Tagus River, Tower of Belen, the monument of the discoveries, the Jeronimos Monastery.

One of the most important elements is the music. For this architecture video, we searched for a jazz music, soft and warm. A mixture of female voice and piano that create the desired atmosphere.

Video architecture Bom Sucesso
With the music selected and the storyboard accepted, we synchronised the video with the rhythm of the music. With the assembly approved, we went into the post-production phase. It is in this phase where we added environmental sound and all the effects of the video as transitions or lighting effects.

We hope you like it!

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