Video building in Coslada

A few months ago we published the real estate video of the new Bolnou residential complex in Vilajoyosa, Alicante. The real estate developer Rover Alcisa Homes contacted again to develop the marketing material for their next project.

It is a new residential building located in Coslada, Madrid. A housing development that offers a spectacular community pool on deck and in which highlights the quality of its finishing materials.

The commission included producing still renders that will be used as marketing material for the promotion of the new homes. The renders will be used in brochures, billboards, website, social media advertising, etc. Therefore, the renders should capture at a glance the attention of future buyers.

We select the most attractive views, place materials and some pieces of furniture. After the approval of Rover Alcisa Homes, we completed the renders and moved on to the post-production phase of the visualizations.

In parallel with the development of the still renders, we started the preparation of the promotional video. A one-and-a-half minute video is showing the most noteworthy aspects of the promotion. Its location next to a square, the nearby of the bike path, the adjustable blinds, not forgetting the magnificent pool on the deck.

A set of everyday scenes that reflects the day-to-day lives of the future tenants of these homes. The cheerful music that accompanies the images also serves as an advertising claim and enlivens the complete viewing.

We placed characters to give more realism to the scenes. In this way, potential stakeholders are reflected in the characters that appear in the different scenes and it is easy to imagine what your life might be like in your new home.

We leave you a link to the Rover Alcisa website where you will find the complete set of renders as well as the video of the promotion.

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