Video luxury villa in Son Vida

Some time ago we produced some architectural renderings and a video of a new luxury villa in Son Vida, one of the most exclusive areas of Mallorca.

The demand for architectural videos increases each day as they are the perfect tool to share on social media and reach a wider audience. The architecture of the villa, the different shots of the video along with the music manage to catch the attention of the general public.

This spectacular villa of 1000m 2 built, is located in a natural place surrounded by a high serenity from which also enjoys the sea views. This environment together with the use of exceptional qualities, give as a result an exclusive and unique work.

This exclusive villa, located in the most exclusive district of the city, offers unique spaces thanks to a careful design defining every detail and getting thus naturally integrate indoor and outdoor areas, providing the house with a significant amplitude and luminosity.

The commission included 13 architectural renderings of the different rooms that make up the villa and an architectural video that explores the villa.

First, we placed different cameras looking for the most attractive frames. Reference images were used for the interior design. A series of photographs of various design styles to find what the client was looking for.

The first part of the commission included still renderings, leaving the video of architecture for a second phase. We took advantage of the spaces that appear in the still images to make the video. Through a storyboard, we decided the plans and the sequences of the video. Once the editing was done, we look for music to accompany the video.

We are preparing a new project of another Luxury House in Mallorca. Meanwhile, we leave the link to the website of the villa in case you want more information.

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