Video residential building in Madrid

Lorenzo Solano Tendero 5 is a new residential building project. It is located in one of the most powerful residential areas of the capital. An ideal area to live due to its proximity to the centre of Madrid, the services, the schools it has and, above all, the large amount of green areas.

Grupo Impar is developing a new project, the residential Lorenzo Solano Tendero 5. They contacted us intending to obtain marketing material for the sale of the houses. Exterior and interior renderings and a video that showed the most attractive aspects of the project.

The daily use of social networks has led to a constant consumption of material. All kinds of visual content, whether renders or video. It is important to have enough material to achieve a good diffusion of the marketing campaign.

On this occasion, the assignment included twelve renders that showed the most representative aspects of the project. Both the private spaces corresponding to the dwellings and the common spaces that make up this residential building had to be shown. The gym, the swimming pool, the gardens, all of them unique elements that provide exclusivity to the development.

Once the spaces to be shown had been defined, the commission was completed with a promotional video. The video combines the renderings developed in the previous phase with shots taken in situ of the surroundings.

The video is accompanied by music. For this video, we chose music with lyrics. As no characters appear, the music with voice brings freshness and rhythm to the video. This time, we chose music with French lyrics. A music that suggests a different and happy touch to the monotonous daily life.

We leave you a link to the page of the real estate promotion, in which you will find all the renders and the video that we made of the houses.

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