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The River Terrace takes us to the beaches of the Gold Coast in southern Brisbane, Australia. A new architectural icon that will become part of the city’s urban landscape.

In this project, we developed a commercial video and some architectural visualizations. A stunning material for the marketing of the building. We were looking for a video and powerful images that will surprise the public.

Recognizable images that manage to differentiate themselves from the competitors and attract the potential client. As for the video, we were looking for a vibrant material that would show the character that the River Terrace wants to transmit.

The project is designed by Plus Architecture, a powerful architecture studio with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand. Plus Architecture stands out for its impactful designs, which are the result of research and collaboration by its entire creative team.

As with most large projects, the design of the River Terrace towers has evolved. A few months ago, we published the first renders of this same project. All the changes made until reaching the final design are evident.

Located in a privileged place between the Nerang River and the Pacific Ocean, the River Terrace has extraordinary views of Brisbane’s stunning Gold Coast beaches. A bronze facade seeks to reflect the warmth of the sunrise over the ocean and beaches.

Both the video and the visualizations are aimed at a successful young audience. The River Terrace has the apartment they are looking for. A careful interior design with all kinds of details manages to offer a touch of distinction to the spaces.

The video seeks to connect with this young audience. The music, the scenes, the camera movements are all designed to capture their attention. The incorporation of characters with similar characteristics makes them see themselves reflected and awakens the desire to belong to that community.

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