Virtual tour 360 Son Vida

The competition in the real estate market becomes, increasingly, more significant role. A large number of properties and companies need attractive products to differentiate themselves from the game.

The 360 virtual tour is the perfect tool to show your future home to interested buyers. The virtual tour allows you to explore the most outstanding spaces of housing interactively.

Thanks to its easy interface, the user can imagine the dimensions of the house. It is a reliable tool that, practically, it represents the project real. Moving away from the photographs that distort spaces preventing getting a clear perception of the reality.

The importance of knowing the project before you begin the buying process makes necessary the use of this 360 virtual tour. Also, the tour interface allows to view it with glasses like google cardboard for a better experience.

After the renderings of a home in Son Vida, we develop this 360º virtual tour of this House. We start in the access and walk through the most representative spaces such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, gym, spa and reaching the outdoor swimming pool.

As for the atmosphere, we opted for daylight in most of the scenes. Thus we were highlighting the location of the house on the coast of Mallorca and the beautiful Mediterranean climate.

An excellent architectural design together with a unique project of interior design creates a perfect combination for this villa in Son Vida. A selection of exquisite furniture and props that bring the realism sought to project.

We recommend you to try the virtual tour 360, an experience that reaches getting to place the customer. Offering you the opportunity to browse your future home and get to understand the project thus streamlining the purchase decision.

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