Virtual tour of the BDD Hub in Beirut, Lebanon

Once published the exterior 3D architectural renderings of the future BDD Hub of Beirut, today we post the virtual tour that runs through the interior spaces of this building.

The project was designed by the architectural firm BAD Built by Associative Data and develops an area of 44.500m2 distributed in three main uses, residential, hotel and offices. On the one hand, the office use acquired a key role since it is located in the new digital district of Beirut. Modern and equipped offices with the latest technology.

The program of building houses as secondary uses a hotel and an apartment area. The project seeks to provide maximum comfort to the users, one building offers the possibility of hosting a workplace combined with the resting place either home or hotel.

The virtual tour runs in the ground floor the hotel and the apartments lobby, as well as the auditorium and library located in the retail space. Once located in the apartments lobby leads to a housing showing the living room and master bedroom. In the remaining towers you can visit one of the hotel rooms and the offices.

One of the main features to provide realism the virtual tour is the care for the exterior spaces. The curtain wall that covers the towers enables a full transparency between interior and exterior spaces. Actual photographs of Beirut as well as the produced 3D model for the still architectural renderings served as a perfect background of interior views.

The interior design got special role in this project. The customer premises marked were to have a minimalist décor using fluoride colors. With these requirements our team presented to the architects the best proposals.

Once submitted our proposals defining both furniture and lighting we produced the architectural renderings to set the final virtual tour.

From here we want to congratulate the architectural firm BAD because their presentation of the project resulted a great success.

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