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After making the architectural animation and the still renderings of the Best Wish suite and the Wish Granted penthouse, we started to produce the virtual tour of these rooms along with the lobby and guest club of these two suites.

A virtual tour is a tool that allows you to visualise the spaces in an interactive way and get an idea of the layout of the rooms that make up the different suites. Through a simple interface, you can go through each of the spaces intuitively.

The virtual tour allows the use of the google cardboard which adds value to the simple and classic virtual tour. The use of this glasses provides proximity to the future guests and anticipated the physical arrival at the hotel.

Nowadays, this kind of tools manages to stand out from the competition and extend the user experience. In this way, gets a first relationship of the host with the product since before the booking.

In order to develop this work, we worked each detail meticulously. All the elements of the scenes required special attention, from the furniture through the props and textiles to each of the plants.

This virtual tour starts in the hotel lobby and goes through each of the suites and the guest club. Once the rotational point of the renderings 360 was placed, they were set on the interface for the client approval.

With the 360 renderings in high definition, we went to the post-production phase. Using Photoshop, we performed colour adjustments, white balance and a final homogenization of all the architectural renderings.

Here you have the link to the website of the Sofia Barcelona hotel where you can see all the services offered as well as our architectural renderings of these two suites.

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