Virtual tour of a single house located in Barcelona.

Virtual tour of a single house located in Barcelona.

The virtual tour has become one of the tools with better acceptance among our customers. As we have already explained in previous articles, using the virtual tour the future homeowner can visualize the space and decoration of the house before its construction. It is an interactive tool that, along with the rest of documentation, facilitates the understanding of the project, allowing to make changes with more control over the costs involved.

The fact to be able to interact with the application gives it an appeal that does not get with an architectural rendering. In this case, our client, after disposing of computer graphics images of his house, requested a virtual tour.

It is a two-floor detached house. The commission focused on display interior spaces and, in particular, the ground floor. Three spaces composed the virtual tour: entrance, kitchen and the living room.

An L-shaped house with the pool as the main element. Both the living room and the kitchen have large windows overlooking the garden. A garden that highlights the swimming pool and the vegetation on the walls that delimit the plot.

The client defined clearly the volumes of the house, the facades and, in general, all the outdoor spaces. In terms of the interior spaces, we advise on the aesthetic possibilities of the rooms. Furniture and decoration elements such as lamps, carpets or pavements were placed by our team in order to give a touch of warmth to the spaces.

It’s been a pleasure working with our client, who, in turn, has been very satisfied with the result.


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