Virtual tour of a luxury penthouse in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

The architectural and design firm Built by Associative Data (BAD) commissioned us a virtual tour of the penthouse of a new building in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

This proposal is for a new mixed use development, MALABO DOS 9º, will set a new benchmark for energy efficient buildings and sustainable design in Equatorial Guinea. By maximizing active and passive sustainable design elements the building will minimize its overall primary energy demand. A 12 storey building defined by an elliptical layout with 7500m2 distributed in six levels of office accommodation and five levels of residential accommodation over a shared lobby level.

The virtual tour should be focused on one of the apartments. The client chose to show the penthouse because it was the most attractive place of the building. The penthouse occupies the whole floor and is fully surrounded by a large balcony. The virtual tour starts in the lounge and continues through a huge interior courtyard plenty of greenery to the dinning area which is connected to the kitchen. The virtual tour finishes in one of the masters bedroom of the penthouse.

The interior design of the penthouse should be minimalist and furnished with modern style Italian furniture. Under those guidelines our team made the decoration of the rooms, taking as reference some of the most prestigious Italian furniture brands such as B & B Italia, Poliform, Minotti, etc.. The rooms should combine the use of these furniture with the materials defined by our client in the attic, which were the concrete walls and ceilings and wood floors for both interior and exterior.

The penthouse architectural visualizations should be done with daylight, so that the apartment was enlightened with sun beams creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The client decided to take a virtual tour instead of still images. This way, all corners of the spaces are captured and the user can control what to see, increasing his interest in the product.

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