Virtual tour Riyadh industrial Park

Some time ago we made this virtual tour of the new urban development of an industrial zone in Riad, Saudi Arabia.

Again the team of BAD Built by Associative Data commissioned us the production of the architectural renderings and the subsequent assemblage of this virtual tour.

The proposal for the new Riyadh Industrial Park occupies an area of 10.350.000 sqm and will be developed in two stages. In a first stage 4,500,000 sqm will be developed leaving the rest for the second phase.

The project seeks an optimal connection with the city centre offering access point to all four sides (North, South, East and West). An essential factor for the good functioning of any industrial area.

The commission included a virtual tour and four architectural renderings of the proposal, three eye level architectural renderings and one rendering that show an aerial view.

The virtual tour consists of three points position showing the different uses that presents the urban development. A residential, mixed use and finally an industrial use.

Due to the fledgling state of the proposal, we mainly work with reference images. The client made a selection that served us to give the sought look to the architectural renderings.

We use this workflow on a regular basis for projects that are at a very early stage. In this way, the client gets the architectural renderings that persuade investors and get the final commission in which will develop all the documentation.

As for the atmosphere of the renderings, we opted for a daytime lighting more suitable for industrial use of the project.

Finally, we performed the post production of the architectural renderings and the virtual tour. On the one hand, the tones and lighting were balanced. On the other hand, we populated people to give life to the images and bring the viewer / investor closer.

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