Visualisations Villa Llantera, Mallorca

We developed some visualisations of a luxury villa in Son Vida, Mallorca. These images will be used to start the marketing of the plot. A key material that allows us to clearly visualise the scope of the architectural project.

The visualisations are of enormous help for the sale of the plot as they show how the project will be implemented. They make it possible to clearly see the dimensions, geometry, orientation, materials and, in general, the presence of the building on the plot.

It is often difficult to imagine the possibilities of the plot. Through a render, it is easy to see how the building will adapt. The visualisation is a fantastic tool to accelerate the sale of the plot.

Urban Input has developed, together with Olarq, the parcelling project to optimise the current plots. The architectural firm Olarq led by Osvaldo Luppi, in turn, has developed the preliminary projects for each plot.

To develop these images we had two important premises. On the one hand, we wanted to show the prominent location of the villa. From the top of the hill, it stands out from the surrounding buildings. On the other hand, we wanted to show the privileged views over the bay of Palma.

Based on these ideas, we proposed different points of view. We presented the proposed viewpoints to the client, highlighting our suggestions. At the same time, we worked on the lighting of the renders. We tried different skies and times of day, as well as different interior lighting to create contrasts with the backgrounds.

After deciding on the framing and lighting, we moved on to setting the scenes. We finished modelling the interior architecture of the house, both interior divisions and materials. To achieve greater realism, the pieces of furniture and plants were placed in such a way as to bring warmth and closeness to the spaces.

Finally, we came to the post-production part. It is at this point, where colours and intensities are adjusted to the final visualisations.

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