Visualization offices MRL

We created some visualizations for a new project designed by the architecture studio Architectus, in Perth, Australia.

These renders will be the letter of introduction of this new design. Thanks to these images, your client will be able to visualize the final appearance of the project. The most outstanding aspects of the proposal are shown, focusing on the key points. We work in detail on the geometry, materiality, colors, tones, and furniture. Everything with the utmost care to achieve stunning visualizations.

Once the spaces have been modeled, we look for the best framing to define the view points. We place the furniture and carry out lighting tests. Lighting plays a decisive role as it will define the final mood of each visualization.

After approving the view points and lighting, we move on to the post-production phase. This is where we place people. With them, we can give a scale to space and make it easier to imagine how the areas will be experienced.

Architectus is a leading Australian architecture and design practice. Always at the forefront of architectural design. Their projects aim to contribute to healthy and happy communities for generations.

One of their latest projects is these offices for the MRL company in Perth, Australia. These offices convey the innovative spirit of this mining company.

The headquarters of any company are its image. Investing in a good image is betting on a booming future. Up-to-date offices help to improve employee motivation, to identify with the company’s philosophy, and, of course, to improve relations with clients and future projects.

Architectus has chosen offices for MRL that reflect the company’s history. A voluminous and bright staircase runs through all the spaces and becomes the central element of the project. The wall cladding seeks parallelism with the company’s activity. The proposal presents a multitude of open and multifunctional spaces that serve as a meeting place for every one of this company’s members.

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