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The retail sector is in constant activity. The arrival of online commerce has led to the reinvention of the physical stores. Custom designs and new concepts that are introduced to conquer the user.

Increasingly, retailers are opting for innovative designs with which to surprise the market. These designs require a permanent renewal in such a way that the buyer wishes to return to the shop.

The world of retail ranges from small businesses to any establishment that offers services to the customer. On this occasion, the project to develop were the renderings for a new gym.

The renderings of architecture can capture all the details of the proposal. Become an essential tool to convey the feelings of the project. Thanks to the renderings, the image captures the attention of the investor and becomes an active participant of the design and the decision-making.

On this occasion, we made the visualizations of a new gym. A space in which should highlight an industrial-style ambience. In addition to representing areas, we populated characters that gave life to the different rooms. In this way, it was possible to provide warmth to spaces.

After modelling the space, we sought for the most beautiful viewpoints to represent the architectural renderings. Once the views were selected, we placed all the elements with the adient props.

We tested a few different lighting until finding the more suggestive. The client looked for seductive renderings that evoke emotions in the client. All with a fundamental goal, to get the client on the stage and that they feel comfortable and excited.

After the renderings of architecture, continues working on the video. A video is a tool that helps to promote the communication of the project. Moving images along with the music we can get conveying new emotions on the viewer.

We are preparing new images of this project. We look forward to sharing them soon. Stay tuned!

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