Visualizations villa Orada

Mallorca is the perfect destination. Either only to be able to enjoy a magnificent vacation or as a place to establish permanent residence. Whatever the option selected will be a success for sure.

The Mallorcan town of Andratx is extremely interesting. Its unique natural landscapes make it the best possible claim. Its location at the western end of the island provides spectacular sunsets over the sea.

After making the architectural visualizations and a video of the Villa Royale in Andratx, we had the opportunity to collaborate on a new project in the area. A new villa designed by OLARQ, an architectural studio lead by the architect Osvaldo Luppi.

In addition to taking care of the architectural design, from the OLARQ studio, they developed all the interior design of this villa. The studio Terraza Balear, also based in Mallorca, provided all the furniture.

An avant-garde design. Marked horizontal stripes frame the house. An exceptional location where sea and mountains merge. Particular importance acquires the selected materials. Local materials that manage to offer elegance while simplicity. The architectural renderings should reflect all these premises.

To develop the renderings, we placed several cameras in different spaces to be developed. We sought for the best viewpoints to achieve beautiful renderings with which to show the appearance of the future home, not built yet.

Besides, we placed all the pieces of the selected furniture. In this way, it is easier to visualize the space, its proportions and dimensions. It clarifies the final aspect of the house and offers greater realism to the render itself.

The lighting in these visualisations was clear from the beginning. A daytime lighting that highlights the views from the house and all the magnificent surroundings that surround it. The magical light of the Mediterranean should be the protagonist of the entire set of visualisations.

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