Visualizations Villa Vereda, Marbella

We created a new video and still visualizations for a new villa in Marbella.

3Sa Estate seeks to launch to the market their new project they are working on, Villa Vereda. To do this, they needed some visualizations and a video according to their brand.

Villa Vereda is an exclusive home located in La Quinta, Benahavis, Marbella. One of the most exclusive locations in Marbella.

We carry out the interior design of the villa to create the visualizations. From previous 3Sa projects, we extracted furniture and decoration references that we would use as a mood for the different rooms. The colors of the landscape also served us to establish the color palette.

The villa is characterized by a contemporary architectural design, managing to maintain a traditional Andalusian essence. Large rooms with large windows where observe the Mediterranean.

Once the villa was modeled, we looked for attractive frames that would show the best of this villa. Always highlighting the main attractions of the house: the views of the sea, the infinity pool, the spacious rooms and the amenities.

After creating the still visualizations s, we move on to the video. We animate some new cameras, using as a base the spaces worked in the previous phase. We looked for music in line with the style of 3Sa in terms of rhythm and sound.

We leave you a link where you will find further info of the villa, and also the video and all the visualizations.

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