Walkthrough animation and architectural rendering building in Seville

The Real Estate company Dospuntos contacted us requesting some architectural renderings and a walkthrough animation of the new housing building that they are developing in Seville.

The requested material will be used to market the apartments off plan. Some architectural renderings and a high quality walkthrough animation help to generate confidence in the prospective buyer of the dwelling and accelerate the purchase decision. Therefore, that increasingly Real Estate developers choose to include this type of material to market their homes.

The new development is located in Seville, in the Nervion district. A modern and residential neighborhood just a few minutes from the Centre and without the hustle and bustle. It’s a new development construction within a gated community with private security, with spacious common areas and gardens that will be known as Casa Forestier.

The work was carried out in several phases. The still architectural renderings were included in the first phase. Once approved, we started the second phase which included the walkthrough animation and for the final stage we produce the architectural renderings with the three customization options offered by Dospuntos.

To start working on the walkthrough animation we prepared a storyboard that indicated the thread to follow. The story tells the common day of one of the residents. Dawn a new day in the interior of the home to go to the busy outside world and return at the evening to the peace of the home.

One approved the storyboard, we looked for a music that included the different rhythms that we wanted the history to reflected the history of the walkthrough animation. A start and an end paused with a more accelerated rhythm between both.

We carried out a low quality set up with the final shots and music. Once approved, we move on to post production. We applied several effects and sounds that provided a more realistic result to the architectural walkthrough animation.

Here you have the development website where you will find all the architectural renderings made as well as the architectural walkthrough animation.

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