About us

Berga & Gonzalez arquitectos SLP is an architectural rendering studio founded in Barcelona in 2001 by the architects Alberto Berga and Javier Gonzalez, composed of a large team of professionals and since 2013 also present in California through our office in Los Angeles.

We are specialized in developing Architectural Renderings, 3D Architecture, Computer Graphics Images (CGIs) and any kind of Architectural Visualisation in the field of architecture, urban planning and civil engineering.

Our location in Barcelona and Los Angeles allows us to work remotely or in person to any part of the world through internet. We conducted renderings in Spain, USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, France, Netherlands and many more.

We work with you to create added value in your projects and help you to communicate your ideas. To do this, we combine personal attention, technological forefront and a team of highly qualified architects.

We offer a quality service, competitive prices and the commitment to meeting the deadlines for each project.

In parallel to the development of architectural renderings, Berga & Gonzalez arquitectos SLP, also exercise the profession of architects in the conventional way, developing building projects, urban planning and civil works for property developers, public entities and private individuals.

For further information on this subject you can visit the web  www.bergagonzalez.com


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