Architectural rendering homes in Vall Aran

Every day is more evident the need of good communication of each of the architectural projects. It is essential to achieving transmit the values of the project effectively. Therefore you will need to have some quality images.

These images, also called architectural renderings, manage to capture the viewer’s attention with a simple glance. Nowadays, the widespread use of social networks requires us to have a good quality set of architectural visualisation.

Architectural communication enables future users, normally alien to the architecture world, to understand all the details of the project. From the geometry and dimensions of the space to visualise the defined materials.

The architectural office Arqcoas is working on new urban development in the Vall d’Aran, Lleida. The assignment included produce two architectural renderings of this mountain housing complex.

We love the challenges and, on this occasion, we decided to make the renderings of a scene with snow. Used to produce images with sun, we launched for this new challenge. The use of reference images helped us to understand the behaviour of snow.

The architectural project is based on a modern architecture always using the materials of the Pyrenean climate. The stone of the area and the wood help to withstand the low temperatures of the winter season.

After modelling the buildings of the complex, we placed cameras to choose the best frames of the architectural renderings. They looked for close frames without having to resort to general views. In this way, they were able to transmit other aspects, such as privacy and privileged environment, and not simply to show the architecture.

After launching the architectural renderings in HD, we started the post-production phase. At this stage, we adjusted the snow, the trees, the backgrounds and populate people.

We are quite happy with the result of these architectural renderings. We hope you like them!

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