Architectural rendering competition school in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

The architectural renderings have become increasingly required material to provide in the documentation in architectural competitions.

The organising entities of these kind of architectural competitions know the influence that the architectural renderings can have on the jury in the early stages and in the citizenship in the final phase of submission of the proposal.

The architectural firm AC-architecture contacted again with us requesting five images for the new contest of architecture that they are developing.

It is the new school known as Courbet located in the city of La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland. The city council organises this competition in order to of meet the present and the future educational needs of the city.

The proposal has three interconnected buildings forming an L in the Northwest corner of the plot leaving a freestanding building on the southwest corner and creating between then a space of free movement for the enjoyment of citizenship. The new school will host a total of 25 classrooms of teaching, an auditorium, a gym and the new communal library.

From the 2D drawings we built the 3D model. Once defined the geometry, the team of architects made their own modifications. The architectural rendering was perfect to streamline the decision-making.

With the completed 3D model we placed multiple cameras were placed to find the points of view that best explained the project. AC-architecture selected the ones they like most.

Once fixed the points of view to develop we applied materials and lit up the scenes. All the architectural renderings should be with daylight in order to get a kids friendly atmosphere.

Finally, we completed the scene populating the greenery in the 3D model and people in the post production phase. In the work of post production we also fine-tuned the colours of the materials, we balanced whites and we homogenised the overall tone of architectural rendering.

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